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Nikki Hill Apothecary provides the highest quality, therapeutic herbal teas, tinctures, candles and body oils designed to support and balance your hormones whilst encouraging you to slow down, reconnect and be more mindful. Nikki, the founder of Nikki Hill Apothecary, is a fully qualified Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist and women’s hormone expert. Using the wisdom of traditional knowledge, alongside accurate scientific research and extensive clinical experience,  Nikki has formulated a premium range of products to help alleviate the most commonly experienced female hormonal complaints: Heavy periods, PMS, sleep disturbances, anxiety, headaches, irregular cycles, period pain, peri-menopausal symptoms and more.

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Why Natural Medicine?

When it comes to hormones, fertility and health a natural approach  is always best. Conventional medicine tends to focus on the reduction of symptoms, using painkillers and hormonal-based medicines, which doesn’t treat the root of the problem and may cause unwanted side-effects. Natural medicine on the other hand, aims to promote, restore  and  maintain  health by treating both the underlying causes of ill health and the presenting symptoms. It embraces the healing power of nature and the body’s innate ability to heal itself given the right conditions.

Herbs have been safely used for centuries to treat a wide variety of disorders and are still the most commonly used system of medicine worldwide. There is a substantial and growing body of scientific research into the constituents and effects of herbs which adds to knowledge gained from centuries of traditional use.  Herbs are nature’s gifts to us and work synergistically to help our bodies back into balance.


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