Luxury Spa Gift Set


If you’re looking for the most luxurious gift set to spoil a loved one – look no further! This beautiful gift set includes a deluxe aromatherapy 3 wick scented candle, deeply moisturising bath and body oil and luxurious bath salts. Delicately wrapped with gorgeous eco-friendly styling, this gift set is sure to delight!

Choose from:

CANDLE (made with biodegradable soy wax, cotton wick and 100% essentials oils)
Calm – Bergamot, lavender + patchouli
Cosy – Cinnamon, clove + sweet orange
Vitality – Lemongrass, rosemary + lavender

BATH & BODY OIL (made with natural plant oils and 100% essential oils)
Deep comfort – clary sage, marjoram, roman chamomile + lavender
Harmony – Rose geranium, rose absolute, ylang ylang + petitgrain
Sleep – Roman chamomile, red mandarin, frankincense + lavender

BATH SALTS + WOODEN SCOOP (made with Epsom salts and Himalayan rock salts infused with 100% essential oils)
Detoxifying – Eucalyptus, geranium + juniper
Relaxing – Rose geranium, lavender + sweet orange



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