COSY Essential Oil Candle

Cosy blend of cinnamon, clove + orange
(10 customer reviews)


This spicy and aromatic essential oil candle will entice you to cosy up on the sofa during the colder months.

  • Made with biodegradable soy wax, cotton wick and the highest quality essential oils of Clove, Cinnamon bark and Sweet orange
  • No parafin wax or synthetic fragrances ensures a clean, non toxic burn
  • Presented in a gorgeous amber glass jar that is recyclable (and refillable – just ask!)
  • Hand poured in Cheshire

The Cosy Essential Oil candle contains a blend of cinnamon bark, clove and sweet orange essential oils. This spicy and aromatic scent will entice you to slow down and cosy up on the sofa during the colder months.

What is the benefit of Essential Oil candles over synthetic fragranced candles?

Different plant parts produce essential oils, each with unique scents and therapeutic qualities. These oils activate the olfactory system, which influences our emotions, behaviour, and memory via the limbic system. As a result, they provide health benefits like stress reduction, relaxation, mood enhancement, and better sleep. To enjoy these benefits, one can inhale the oils or apply them to the skin.

On the other hand, synthetic fragrances are manufactured in a lab. While they can mimic the scent of aromatic plants, they lack the therapeutic properties inherent in essential oils derived directly from plants.

Nikki Hill Apothecary candles proudly boast the highest ratio of essential oils to wax. This ensures not only a delightful, strong smelling aroma but also enhanced wellbeing benefits. Crafted with biodegradable soy wax and a lead-free cotton wick, we steer clear of synthetic dyes, colorants, fragrances, or paraffin wax. Indulge in hours of fragrant bliss, free from worries of inhaling toxins, and elevate your space with the purest form of relaxation.

Follow our Candle Care tips to keep the Cosy Essential Oil candle looking and working its best.

Candle Care

Nikki Hill Apothecary candles have been lovingly made to provide you with hours of fragrant bliss without having to worry you’re inhaling nasty toxins. To keep them looking and working their best (and safest), follow our tips to enjoy a purer scent experience and maintain their high quality for longer.

Take your time

For best results when lighting your candle for the first time, allow the wax to melt to the sides of the jar. This ensures a clean, even burn throughout the candle. Maximum recommended burn time is 3-4 hrs per burn.

Trim your wick

In order to avoid a large and unwieldy flame and burnt rings around the jar, trim your wick after each burn by breaking or cutting off the burnt ends when cool.

Re-use, Refill or Recycle

Once your candle has finished, scrape out any remaining wax from the container then wash it with hot, soapy water. Remove the label and re-use the container - it makes a great pot for a succulent, a button or craft jar, a penholder and much more! Or if you're local and want to return the jar to be refilled, you'll get 20% off

Reviews ☆☆☆☆☆

10 reviews for COSY Essential Oil Candle

  1. Cassandra Mead

    The perfect autumn/winter scent, I adore this candle. Really does make the room feel cosy. A beautiful blend of fragrances, if you want a room to feel cosy this is the candle for you! I love having this on whilst I curl up with a hot drink and a good book!

  2. Laura Riley

    These scented candles smell absolutely divine.. they make my home smell amazing & there scents are so relaxing and calm.
    I always burn candles from different companies but since buying Nikki hill apothecary candles these are now the only candles I will now always continue to purchase.
    There made with all natural ingredients which I love.
    Thank you Nikki your products are my number one favourites in my home and for my well-being.

  3. Katie

    Absolutely beyond amazing. The cosy scent really does make your home smell and feel cosy. It’s not too overpowering, which is a plus but still fills the room with a lovely aroma. This scent gives me all the feels.

    • Nikki Hill

      awww!!! This feedback has given me all the feels!!!! Thank you Katie. So pleased you love it. x

  4. Ksenija

    The 3 wick candle is absolutely divine. It coats your home in the most gorgeous warm cosy scent. In love.

    • Nikki Hill

      Thanks so much for this lovely review Ksenija!

  5. Cat Hardy

    I love to light this Gorgeous candle in our lounge as the smell creates a cosy relaxing aroma while I relax watching either the television or a rare opportunity for me to curl up on the sofa with my book.

    • Nikki Hill

      Love this Cat! Isn’t it a treat when you can curl up on the sofa with a book in peace?! Absolute bliss!

  6. Gill Winterton

    I am absolutely in love with this candle! I am on to my second one already, I burn it all the time when I’m home and just adore the cosy, homely smell. Would highly recommend you try this, comes in gorgeous gift wrapping too.

    • Nikki Hill

      Awww! Thanks for such a kind review Gill. So happy you love this candle and adore the cosy, homely smell 🙂 x

  7. Liz Andrew

    I enjoyed one of Nikki’s wreath making workshops and this candle was filling the air with amazing, warming, orangey, Christmassy smells. It definitely fills the room with a very natural smell and burns very evenly unlike some candles. Treated myself and my friends to one. Great value and lovely to have a small batch natural candle at a great price. Can’t recommend Nikki’s candles enough!!

    • Nikki Hill

      Thank you for this wonderful review Liz and supporting my small business. It means so much. Thanks for all your purchases!

  8. Pippa

    I have found my ultimate winter scent. I love how it subtly fills my home with relaxed warm and festive vibes!

    • Nikki Hill

      Love this! Thanks for your review Pippa. Glad you’ve found your ultimate winter scent 🙂 xxx

  9. Fiona West

    This scented candle is so rightly named- it is just soo cosy.
    This is the perfect scent to snuggle up by the wood burner with a good book and a cup of tea. It’s rich and warming without being over powering. It’s a scent of gladness and contentment. I love it!

    • Nikki Hill

      ‘A scent of gladness and contentment’. Oh my! What absolutely lovely feedback!! Thank you so much Fiona for taking the time to leave a review. So glad you love it x

  10. Jane

    So happy to have discovered Nikki Hill Apothecary candles! I was already a fan of Nikki’s herbal teas, especially the Sleep one as it really helps me wind down in the evening. And now I can light a Cosy candle and truly relax. I’m quite fussy about fragrances and scents and don’t like anything too overpowering. But the Cosy candle’s fragrance is sophisticated and is there in the background without being overwhelming. It’s perfect for this time of year as cloves, cinnamon and orange are very festive but I think I’ll be lighting it all year round.

    • Nikki Hill

      Oh this is such wonderful feedback! Thank you Jane. So glad you like the Cosy candle and don’t find the smell too overpowering. I think I’ll be lighting it all year round too!

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