VITALITY Essential Oil Candle

Uplifting blend of lemongrass, rosemary + lavender
(12 customer reviews)


Revitalise and clear your mind with this deeply refreshing and uplifting essential oil candle.

  • Made with biodegradable soy wax, cotton wick and the highest quality essential oils of lemongrass, rosemary + lavender
  • No parafin wax or synthetic fragrances ensures a clean, non toxic burn
  • Presented in a gorgeous amber glass jar that is recyclable (and refillable – just ask!)
  • Hand poured in Cheshire

Revitalise and clear your mind with our Vitality Essential Oil candle. The gorgeous combination of lemongrass, rosemary and lavender essentials oils will fill your room with an uplifting and zingy aroma. It is the perfect candle to burn when studying or working and need some focus.

What is the benefit of Essential Oil candles over synthetic fragranced candles?

Different plant parts produce essential oils, each with unique scents and therapeutic qualities. These oils activate the olfactory system, which influences our emotions, behaviour, and memory via the limbic system. As a result, they provide health benefits like stress reduction, relaxation, mood enhancement, and better sleep. To enjoy these benefits, you can inhale the oils or apply them to the skin.

On the other hand, synthetic fragrances are manufactured in a lab. While they can mimic the scent of aromatic plants, they lack the therapeutic properties inherent in essential oils derived directly from plants.

Nikki Hill Apothecary candles proudly boast the highest ratio of essential oils to wax. This ensures not only a delightful, strong smelling aroma but also enhanced wellbeing benefits. Crafted with biodegradable soy wax and a lead-free cotton wick, we steer clear of synthetic dyes, colorants, fragrances, or paraffin wax. Indulge in hours of fragrant bliss, free from worries of inhaling toxins, and elevate your space with the purest form of relaxation.

Follow our Candle Care tips to keep the Vitality Essential Oil candle looking and working its best.

Candle Care

Nikki Hill Apothecary candles have been lovingly made to provide you with hours of fragrant bliss without having to worry you’re inhaling nasty toxins. To keep them looking and working their best, follow our tips to enjoy a purer scent experience and maintain their high quality for longer.

Take your time

For best results when lighting your candle for the first time, allow the wax to melt to the sides of the jar. This ensures a clean, even burn throughout the candle. Maximum recommended burn time is 3-4 hrs per burn.

Trim your wick

In order to avoid a large and unwieldy flame and burnt rings around the jar, trim your wick after each burn by breaking or cutting off the burnt ends when cool.

Re-use, Refill or Recycle

Once your candle has finished, scrape out any remaining wax from the container then wash it with hot, soapy water. Remove the label and re-use the container. It makes a great pot for a succulent, a button or craft jar, a penholder and much more! Or if you're local and want to return the jar to be refilled, you'll get 20% off!

Reviews ☆☆☆☆☆

12 reviews for VITALITY Essential Oil Candle

  1. jojopilgrim

    My absolute favourite candle which lives up to its name! I love that it encourages me to stop and take a breath and inhale the wonderful uplifting scent of Lemongrass, Rosemary and Lavender. Such a stunning combination that just revitalises mind, body and spirit.

  2. harman_louise

    I love, love, love this candle. I have bought a lot of candles over the years and this is by far my favourite. From the minute you open the lid the divinely, refreshing scent fills the room. This is absolutely my go to candle! Plus the packaging from Nikki is always so beautiful.

  3. laura

    I received the Vitality candle as a gift and it is actually the best candle I’ve ever had! The scent is stunning and it made my entire house smell amazing! I used it whilst I was working and it definitely uplifted me and made me happy! I also enjoyed a quiet moment with the candle and a cuppa during the christmas chaos and it left me feeling energised. I shall be trying the other scents ❤

  4. Zoe Winfield

    I absolutely adore the Vitality candle – I cannot tell you how much it has transformed my office! I have been so busy and last week started an afternoon ritual of burning this candle and putting on a playlist and I am feeling calmer, more focused and more creative. I’ve just bought two for my teenaged daughters as they begin revision for exams. Thank you.

  5. Jo Jestico

    I have purchased a number of these beautiful candles as birthday gifts for friends over the last few months and they have been very well received. They have been placed in a studio and home offices to help make a calm and creative environment. The candle provides the most delicious scent that is long lasting. Nikki’s beautiful packaging and prompt delivery has ensured they have arrived in style.

    • Nikki Hill

      Thank you for choosing my products to gift to your friends Jo. I am so happy the’ve all been well received. xx

  6. Natalie

    This is the first time purchasing the Vitality candle and certainly won’t be the last. This has easily become my favourite candle. I adore the smell of the lavender and lemongrass how you can still smell it the day after.

    • Nikki Hill

      I am so pleased you love the vitality candle Natalie! I have just made another batch and my entire house smells of lemongrass. I love it too!

  7. Lorraine

    Nikki i just wanted to say I purchased your vitality candle a little while ago. I have to say it is absolutely my favourite candle I’ve used, it even replaces my Jo malone Pomegranite Noir. The smell was so gorgeous and i could still smell it when i went into our lounge the following morning. It lasted ages too. I will definitely be buying more xx

    • Nikki Hill

      Hi Lorraine, This review makes me so happy! Thank you so much. I am flattered that it has replaced a Jo Malone candle and mine is a lot healthier for you too – no nasty paraffin wax or synthetic fragrances. x

  8. Kate Lynch

    Nikki’s candles are absolutely lush! I love the vitality blend so much, I burn it my home office (where I am spending a lot of my time lately..) and it really sets the environment up for focused and inspired work.
    All her candles are really long lasting and scent carries beautifully through the room. Amazing value, amazing product ❤️

    • Nikki Hill

      Thanks for you wonderful review Kate. Glad the candle focusses and inspires you while you work!

  9. Jo

    My Vitality candle arrived and as soon as I opened the jar it was OMG this is such an heavenly smell, then I burnt it and I can not express how truly divine this scent is from this candle. It’s my new favourite from Nikki and I have started burning it in my study while I work. It’s a beautifully light and fresh, nothing overpowering at all to it. The blend of the Lemongrass, Rosemary and Lavender is such a perfect combination and I for one will be ordering this for a long time to come. Thank you for this creation Nikki

    • Nikki Hill

      Oh Jo!!!!! This is the most gorgeous review!! Thank you 🙂 I am so happy you love the combination.

  10. Michelle Horan

    I absolutely love the new Vitality candle, it smells so fresh and uplifting. I also love the fact that I can smell it without even having to burn it. I will definitely be ordering another one soon.

    • Nikki Hill

      It seems to be the candle that keeps on giving even when not alight!! LOL! Thanks for your lovely review. So glad you like it x

  11. Gill Park

    This candle is divine! The scent drifts through the hallway and makes my house smell fresh and clean. I will definitely be ordering another one soon

    • Nikki Hill

      Ah! This is fabulous feedback. Thank you Gill x

  12. Amelia Bampton

    I absolutely adore the new Vitality candle! Nothing gives me a ‘get up and go’ feeling and clears my mind like this refreshing scent. Any time I have a task to do or need focus, I will burn this candle and have the citrus scent, give me a fantastic revitalised and energised feeling.

    • Nikki Hill

      I love that you adore this candle Amelia and it gives you the ‘get up and go’ feeling! 🙂

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