Wick Trimmer


The ultimate accessory for any candle lover. This stylish wick trimmer has been designed to maximise the performance of your scented candle. Trimming your wick to 5mm before lighting each time encourages an even and clean burn and helps eliminate soot and black smoke. Available in a minimalistic matt black stainless steel or gold.


Using a Wick Trimmer ensures your candle burns brighter, cleaner, and more evenly, ultimately extending its lifespan. By regularly trimming the wick, you not only minimize soot and smoke but also safeguard the candle itself. This practice regulates the wax’s melting process, promoting a consistent burn and significantly prolonging the candle’s longevity.

Longer wicks produce larger flames, burning wax at a faster rate, which can be hazardous. Controlling the wick length helps manage the flame size, reducing the risk of excessive wax consumption and maintaining a safe burn level. Excessive fuel can lead to heightened smoke levels and incomplete combustion.

Additionally, an overly long wick can result in a mushrooming effect, characterized by a “black cap” forming at the wick’s end. This phenomenon disrupts the wick-to-wax ratio, causing an oversized flame that fails to properly burn the wax, resulting in carbon buildup and the formation of a mushroom wick.

For optimal results, trim your wick to 5mm before each use. The extended length of the wick trimmer simplifies reaching deep into any candle to clip the wicks effortlessly, eliminating the need for awkward angles or scissors. This method also prevents soot and wax from getting on your hands.

The wick trimmer also looks great on any coffee table next to your favourite Nikki Hill apothecary candle!

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