Female Tonic Tea

regulates menstrual bleeding
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  • Regulates and balances menstrual flow
  • Useful for heavy periods, absent/ scanty periods or miscarriage recovery
  • Nutritive tonic – especially high in iron, calcium + vitamin C

Female tonic tea is a highly nutritive tea that aids in regulation of normal menstrual flow.  It contains uterine tonics that have a normalising effect on the uterus and assist with normal uterine function. This tea also contains uterine astringent herbs that work to tighten the tissues of the womb and help lessen heavy menstrual bleeding while toning the uterine muscles and normalising blood flow. Anyone that suffers heavy periods especially during adolescence or peri-menopausal years would benefit from drinking this highly nutritive tea to help replenish lost minerals each month. It is also helpful for those that experience absent or scanty periods or who have suffered a miscarriage.

Caution: Avoid if pregnant or breastfeeding

Please note: Always make an appointment with your doctor if your menstrual bleeding seems heavier than usual, or if it lasts more than seven days. If you experience bleeding between periods, during or after sex, during pregnancy or after you have entered menopause, it is important to visit your doctor. Read more about natural solutions to heavy bleeding here.

If you suffer absent or scanty periods, this tea works well with Chaste Tree Tincture

Key Ingredients


It promotes circulation, yet is extremely astringent, stopping excessive blood flow. Yarrow is drying and moistening; promotes sweating and detoxification, but strengthens and tightens tissues. It stimulates the uterus to bring on menstruation, yet curbs heavy menstrual flow; effectively aiding in regulation of menstrual flow. High in the bioflavonoid rutin.

Lady’s mantle:

Traditionally Lady’s mantle has been used for women’s complaints of all ages –from adolescence to menopause. It helps to regulate the menstrual cycle, decreases period pain and heavy menstrual bleeding.

Stinging nettle:

Nettle is both astringent and high in iron, vit. C and chlorophyll, all of which help iron-deficiency anaemia. It is considered an excellent nutritive herb for heavy menstrual bleeding.

Raspberry leaf:

Works to tone the uterine muscles and normalize blood flow during menses. This is one of the best normalizing herbs for the female reproductive organs. Raspberry leaf is astringent, contracting and shrinking internal and external body tissues. May help prevent hemorrhage or excessive bleeding. It also contains moderate levels of iron, vitamin C + A.


High in vitamin A, C and K – all important vitamins to help tighten tissues and aid iron absorption so perfect when combined with iron-rich herbs such as nettle and raspberry leaf.


Place 1 heaped teaspoon into a cafetière or teapot with an infuser. Add 1 cup (250mls) of boiling water. Allow to infuse for 15minutes or longer. Strain and serve. Drink 1-3 cups per day.


6 reviews for Female Tonic Tea

  1. Susan Hodgkinson

    This lovely tea is amazing and has been so helpful, thank you!

    • Nikki Hill

      My pleasure! So pleased it is helping x

  2. —-

    I have just started taking this tea along with the tincture for heavy bleeding. It seems to help stem the flow.

    • Nikki Hill

      Thanks so much for leaving a review Tanya. So pleased you feel it is helping and so quickly! It should continue to improve over the next few months x

  3. Andree Sims

    I don’t have period issues but do suffer from low iron levels and like rosehips for their vitamin C content, as a fan of Nikki’s tea I gave it a go. For me this is a morning tea ritual, a heaped teaspoon in a half sized cafetiere and poured into a glass cup, it has a wonderfully smooth flavour. During the winter months and at the beginning of the Covid crisis I would add little shots of Nikki’s echinacea and elderberry tinctures. Drinking from a glass cup just makes me appreciate what a gorgeous colour this tea is and I feel more mindful and focused about the goodness I’m drinking in.

  4. Elaine

    Thank you so much for the Female Tonic Tea I ordered from you in September. It has been very helpful and it tastes delicious too.

    • Nikki Hill

      So wonderful to hear this Elaine. Glad you have been finding it helpful and you like the taste. A refill is on its way! x

  5. melaniemccombe

    The tea has been brilliant for me. I have been suffering with my periods for the last few years, and they have been steadily getting worse. I have actually recently had a scan confirm I have fibroids on my ovaries which is why I’ve been in such discomfort.

    I can’t believe the difference the tea makes. I don’t feel sluggish before hand, don’t have crippling cramps that put me in bed, they are nowhere near as heavy, and I am not exhausted by it all.

    Nikki was really responsive to my initial enquiry and provided me with advice so that I made the right decision.

    I wish I’d found Nikki earlier!! I actually feel back in control again. Thanks Nikki.

  6. Penny

    For more than 10 years I have been experiencing bleeding every 2 weeks for 10+ days at a time. After having an IUD removed I tried Nikki’s Female Tonic Tea in desperation after constant bleeding started again and it is amazing. 4 weeks between periods like a normal person. Absolutely cannot believe it!! Plus it tastes lovely.

    • Nikki Hill

      This is such wonderful news Penny. So glad to hear this tea has worked for you!

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