Glass Tea Infuser

Handy herbal tea infuser
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Create an enjoyable tea experience with this beautiful glass tea infuser which allows you to watch the herbal tea blend open and infuse the hot water.

Add a heaped teaspoon of loose leaf tea to the infuser, place the cork on and pop the infuser in your favourite mug. Add boiling water and infuse the tea for the recommended time. Either leave the infuser in the mug as you drink or take it out and leave on a dish or in the sink.

Empty the contents once cooled, rinse and store safely away until next use.

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3 reviews for Glass Tea Infuser

  1. Cassandra Mead

    Love this for making my tea, it’s so much easier than a teapot when you want just one cup and you can watch the tea bloom which is calming in itself.

  2. Sarah

    I hardly use my tea pot anymore as this infuser is so great. I leave it in my mug while I drink as I like my tea really strong.

  3. Christine

    So handy! Absolutely love it!

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