Tea Ritual Collection


Create the ultimate tea experience every time with this Luxury Tea Ritual Collection. This gift sets comes with a jar of Nikki Hill Apothecary loose leaf herbal tea of your choice, a wooden scoop to help fill the gorgeous glass tea infuser which allows you to watch the tea leaves open up slowly and infuse the hot water, and a beautiful ceramic dish to lay your infuser on in between uses.

This gift set comes beautifully wrapped in a white magnetic box, white ribbon and foliage. It also comes with a card to write a message on. If you’d like me to write it, please leave me a note at checkout.

For more information on which tea to choose for the lucky recipient, please look under Description.


Create the ultimate tea experience every time with this Luxury Tea Ritual Collection. Choose the perfect cuppa from the selection below.

Herbal Tea Selection –
Digestive – aids digestive discomfort, great post surgery
Female Comfort – helps relieve period pain, headaches
Female Harmony – the prettiest tea! Helpful for all women’s issues.
Female Tonic – helps heavy periods, scanty periods, high in iron
Meno-ease – helps ease hot flushes and night sweats
Mama Bloom – pregnancy tea, helps morning sickness
Mama Bloom Third Trimester – helps prepare uterus for labour, great for any mama to be
Mama’s Milk – aids breastmilk supply
Peppermint and Licorice – combats sugar cravings
Postpartum – nourishing tea post birth, great for new mums
Skin Balance – helps clear hormonal acne
Relaxation – helps ease anxiety and stress
Sleep Time – aids sleep

Key Ingredients
Make yourself a relaxing cup of therapeutic herbal tea with this stylish glass tea infuser. Fill the wooden scoop with tea and transfer it into the glass tea infuser. Put the cork on and place the infuser into your favourite mug and add boiling water. Find a quiet space to sit and watch the tea leaves gently unfurl as they start to infuse the water. Once infused, rest your infuser on the gorgeous ceramic dish. Sip your tea slowly while enjoying all the calming aromas, inhale deeply and relax. A tea break is the perfect opportunity to slow down, forget worries and to-do lists, and reconnect to the present moment thus allowing your mind to quieten and set you up for a more positive and productive day. Enjoy this moment!


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