Sleep Time Tea

Promotes a good night's sleep
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  • Promotes a good night’s sleep
  • Eases nervous tension
  • Pleasant taste

This dreamy sleep time infusion has been formulated with herbs traditional used to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. It is an ideal tea to sip before bedtime to help calm the mind and nervous system and help you drift off into a deep, restful night’s sleep. Sleep time tea offers a natural solution that is non-addictive and will not cause drowsiness the next day. It is safe to drink long-term.

CAUTION – Do not use this product if you are allergic to plant in the daisy (Asteraceae) family, such as chamomile or echinacea. Avoid use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Key Ingredients

Valerian root:
This is herbal medicine’s best known sedative. It has been shown in clinical trials to decrease the time to fall asleep and improve the quality of sleep during the night without causing drowsiness the next day. It also calms anxiety and nervous tension.

Chamomile flowers:
As a mild sedative and relaxant, it can help ease the anxiety and nervous stress that interferes with normal sleep function.

Lavender buds:
Has soothing effects on the central nervous system generally. It’s thought the slow nerve reactions, slightly easing pain and irritability and clearing the mind of nervous tension. It is a mild sedative and can help with sleeping difficulties.

Gentle sedative and nervine with none of the addictive or narcotic side effects of commercial sleeping tablets. It contains essential compounds that are calming and reduce restlessness, anxiety and insomnia. Clincial trials have proven its effectiveness especially when used with valerian root.

Lemon balm:
Traditionally been used to soothe nervous and muscle tension, relieve anxiety and promote a good night’s sleep. In one study a lemon balm and valerian combination was found to as effective as the prescription drug Halcion (a Bensodiazepine drug).

Passionflower boosts GABA levels in the brain, which promotes relaxation. It has also shown to ease generalised anxiety with fewer side effects than prescribed sedatives.

Place 1 heaped teaspoon in a cafetière or teapot with an infuser. Add 1 cup of boiling water. Allow to infuse for 5 minutes. Drink 1 cup an hour before bed. Sweeten with honey if desired.

8 reviews for Sleep Time Tea

  1. Cassandra Mead

    I struggle with pain due to fibromyalgia and it can make it really hard for me to sleep, this tea really helps me get a better night’s sleep. It’s the only tea that has ever helped me. I love the ritual of slowing down and making the tea. It tastes great and paired with Nikki s calm candle you are on to a winner for a better sleep.

  2. Petrina Menzies

    Wow! After 6 months of not getting a full nights sleep at last. I’ve got problems with damaged nerves in my leg, the doctors keep changing the tables etc which I don’t like! I decided I would try the sleep tea. I can’t believe one cup of tea last night has given me the first full nights sleep with not waking up with the pain in my leg. I feel so calm and relaxed it’s unbelievable. I’m going to tell the doctor not to increase my tablets again! Until I’ve had two weeks drinking this tea each night and then see how I feel. I’m hoping I can decrease the tablets!

    • Nikki Hill

      Oh wow Petrina!!! This is wonderful news. I hope the sleep tea continues to bring you a good night’s sleep. 🙂

  3. Claire Tate

    Well what can I say.. I have terrible trouble sleeping at the best of times and if I do its never restful. This tea is a pure comfort a cup of this before bed and I’m gone and relaxed. It’s wonderful to know that what you putting in your body isn’t going to upset your system as it’s pure natural bliss. If you have any troubles sleeping one cup of this and you’ll be hooked. Another jar to add to my growing collection xx


    I’ve been drinking this most evenings before bed and I absolutely love it. It’s massively helping, especially in COVID times to improve my sleep which has gone from 8-9 hours to 6 at best. It’s a bit of a ritual now and not only is it comforting, it really does make me sleepy! Hurrah. Yet another win from the Nikki Hill tea collection. I’m obsessed.

  5. Katy Barber

    For those that like herbal teas… I highly recommend Nikki Hill Apothecary (based in Wilmslow)… I’ve tried them all.. tetleys, pukka, twinings.. you name it… none taste as “natural” as hers.. these are my 2 go-to ones –

    ☕️ Female Harmony Tea – rose petals, chamomile flower, lady’s mantle, lemon balm & dandelion leaf (helps regulate all things female 😉 I’ve been using them now for nearly 3 months, gone from mega pain to virtually zero)

    ☕️ Sleep Time Tea – chamomile flower, lavender buds, hops flowers, valerian root, lemon balm & passionflower.. as it sounds, to aid sleep 😴 again, marked improvement in nearly 3 months, I’ve gone from 4-5 hours sleep a night to 6-7.

    There’s plenty of others.. one of my friends particularly likes the “digestive tea” as she suffers from quite bad reflux.

    • Nikki Hill

      You made my day when you emailed me to say my sleep tea was better than Pukka’s. LOL! And the fact it’s improved your sleep as well is fantastic. So pleased. Thanks for this wonderful review Katy. xx

  6. Andree Sims

    Sleep time tea is an essential part of my daily routine. Anytime after 7pm I pour a heaped teaspoon into a half sized cafetiere and watch the flowers just dance with joy, the camomile are my favourite (you just don’t get whole flowers in regular supermarket teas) I then pour the tea into a glass cup so I can see and appreciate what I’m drinking. It’s a beautiful smooth flavour. The quality of the flowers means you can refresh the pot again, never throw out after the first brew! Making and drinking the tea is a mindful way of reminding me and my body to slow down….For a super blissed out evening, I will make up a pot and double up with a Sleep Time Bath….seriously we all deserve this as part of our self care routine!

    • Nikki Hill

      You have the most wonderful way with words! Thank you for such a beautiful review. So delighted you appreciate the loose leaf tea and have created a beautiful night ritual with my products. xx

  7. Leanne Reid

    Hi nikki just wanted to message and say I love the teas I ordered! I cannot believe the difference with my sleep as I have been having real trouble sleeping!! This has been ongoing for long and have tried so many different things – I honestly cannot believe the difference the tea has made that kind you so much for helping me eventually get some sleep!! Xxx

    • Nikki Hill

      I am so pleased the tea has helped improve your sleep Leanne because better sleep solves everything, right?!!! I am just so delighted for you! Thank you for your feedback – it makes me so happy to hear that my teas are working their magic. x

  8. Lisa

    I have been using Nikki’s products now for about a year. Honestly I absolutely love her sleep tea, it’s very pleasant to drink and sends me off to a lovely, peaceful sleep. I find Nikki to be knowledgeable in her field and she has also helped my mum with her menopause symptoms. I have used a variety of Nikki’s products including the Sleep Elixir, White Peony tea, Liquorice tea which is excellent for sweet cravings by the way and the Relax tea which I use before yoga or meditating. Once you try these products you will never look back, they’re fab!

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