Elderberry Organic Tincture

Antiviral immune booster
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  • Boosts the immune system
  • Elderberries have shown to be an effective antiviral, preventing cold and flu viruses from replicating and shortening the duration and severity of the common flu
  • Naturally high in  vitamin A and C, flavonoids and antioxidants

The Elderberry was described by Hippocrates as “Nature’s Medicine Chest”. Used for many Moons by healers and herbalists to make various forms of healing tonics and tinctures to boost the immune system and to help fight off various cold and flu symptoms when they begin to arise.

Elderberries contain a powerful amount of antioxidants and are high in vitamins like C, A and B. Rich in Flavonoids which are believed to be responsible for the therapeutic qualities of the elderberry. Flavonoids include anthocyanins that are powerful antioxidants, protecting cells against damage, and arming the immune system to fight.

Caution: Avoid use in pregnancy

Key Ingredients

Elderberry (Sambucus nigra fructus)* (1:2), filtered water, gluten-free alcohol

*organic specific tincture

Take 1/2 tsp twice a day in a little water. You can also add to boiling water for a lovely tasting tea. Add honey to sweeten if desired.

1 review for Elderberry Organic Tincture

  1. Andree Sims

    This is a lovely tincture to take. I bought it in winter when I had a bit of a cough and then built it into my wellness routine as we went into lockdown. My favourite way of drinking it was with the juice of warmed up blueberries (for pancakes) in a shot glass with echinacea – my Nikki shot!

    • Nikki Hill

      Oh my goodness!!! This sounds amazing!!!!! I love that you call it your “Nikki shot”!!!

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