Herbal Tea Test Tube


A gorgeous test tube of herbal tea. Comes in a glass test tube, cork lid and tag. Makes 4-5 cups of nourishing tea!

For more information on which tea to choose from, please look under ‘Description’ below.


Herbal Tea Selection –
Digestive – aids digestive discomfort
Female Comfort – helps relieve period pain, headaches
Female Harmony – helps relieve PMS, mood swings, anxiety
Female Tonic – helps heavy periods, scanty periods, high in iron
Peppermint and Licorice – combats sugar cravings
Postpartum – nourishing tea post birth
Meno-ease – helps ease hot flushes and sweats
Mama Bloom – pregnancy tea, helps morning sickness
Mama Bloom Third Trimester – helps prepare uterus for labour
Mama’s milk – aids breastmilk supply
Skin balance – helps clear hormonal acne
Relaxation – help ease anxiety
Sleep Time – aids sleep

Key Ingredients


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