Mama-To-Be Kit


This perfect kit to help prepare labour and post-birth recovery. It would make the ideal baby shower gift for expectant mothers. Formulated by experts in the field, this kit will help nourish and relax the new mama and her baby.

Mama Bloom Third Trimester Tea (choose glass jar or refill bag)
Sleep Time Bath & Body Oil


The Mama-to-be kit features a luxurious glass jar of Mama Bloom Third Trimester Tea alongside our best-selling Sleep Time bath and body oil.

Mama Bloom Third Trimester Tea – A delicious tasting pregnancy and post-brith tea, rich in vitamins and minerals. Formulated with herbs traditionally used to prepare the uterus for labour and recovery. The mama-to-be can safely start with one cup a day from the second trimester, gradually increasing to three cups daily by the final trimester. The tea can also be drank after birth to help recovery and safe to consume while breastfeeding.

Sleep Time Bath & Body Oil – A lovely scented bath & body oil that will help relax the new mama. It is highly nourishing and easily absorbed into the skin. Whether massaged directly onto the skin or poured into the bath for a luxurious soak, it promises to indulge the senses and promote tranquility.

The Mama-to-be kit is customisable too! If you’d prefer a different tea such as the Postpartum tea (great to take post-birth to help recovery) or Mama’s Milk Tea (ideal if the mum is planning on breast feeding), just let me know, and I can swap it out for you! The Harmony Bath and Body Oil is also safe during pregnancy and can also be swapped.




Key Ingredients


Raspberry leaf:
This herb has been traditionally used in the last trimester of pregnancy to prepare the body for childbirth, toning the uterine and abdominal muscles and reducing the chances of haemorrhage, making for an easier, less painful delivery. Post-labour it helps the uterus get back into shape as well as promote breast milk production.

Stinging nettle:
One of the most nutritive herbs on the planet. It is high in minerals especially iron, calcium, zinc, selenium, magnesium, potassium and other trace minerals. It also contains many vitamins including vitamin A and C and is also high in protein, chlorophyll and amino acids. It will help keep you and your baby super nourished!

High in vitamins A, C and K plus flavonoids, it is a powerful anti-inflammatory.- great for collagen and skin (perfect for that pregnancy glow!). Vitamins C also aids iron absorption so works well combined with high iron-rich herbs such as nettle.

Peppermint leaf:
A wonderful tasting herb this helps to ease an upset tummy and reducing bloating and flatulence. If you suffer heartburn it is best to avoid too much peppermint.



This essential oil has a soothing, sedative effect, which calms nerves, relaxes muscles, eases anxiety and helps promote sleep.

Sweet mandarin:
A sedative and calming essential oil so useful for insomnia, shock, anxiety, stress-related problems.

This relaxing essential oil is useful for anxiety and insomnia, irritability and stress related conditions.

Roman chamomile:
A calming sedative so useful for insomnia.



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