KSM-66 Ashwagandha Plus


A powerful blend of organic Ashwagandha and Food-Grown Magnesium, our Ashwagandha Plus is a rejuvenating tonic for both mind and body; reducing stress and anxiety, enhancing mental wellbeing, hormone balance, libido and physical endurance.


Reduces stress
Optimises the body’s stress response by lowering cortisol levels and promoting a calmer state of mind.

Reduces anxiety
Clinically proven to reduce feelings of anxiety by supporting the production of mood-stabilising brain chemicals.

Supports demanding physical activity
Improves sports performance and endurance by aiding muscle strength and recovery – we particularly recommend this if you have a very physically active job or hobby.

Optimises hormone health
Promotes a healthy libido, increases male testosterone levels and sperm production and supports female hormone health and mood changes related to the female cycle.



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    Key Ingredients

    Ashwagandha KSM-66®

    Dose: 2 capsules per day. We recommend taking this in the morning to help get you through a mentally or physically challenging day, or in the evening to help you unwind and promote a deep, restful sleep.