I was absolutely delighted to have been approached by MADE.COM last year who photographed my home and interviewed me about how to create a calm and balanced home environment. As a naturopath I understand the effect your home can have on your wellbeing especially if you have had a busy, stressful day at work it is important to be able to switch off and relax in the comfort of your home.

Here are three things that can instantly bring more calm to your home and your life:

1. Clear space
I am a big advocate of decluttering! If there’s a lot of mess or too much unnecessary stuff in the house, it can clutter your mind and add to your stress levels. Tackle one room at a time (I love to do this on a Sunday and I get my children involved too) – look at the objects you own and put them into three piles – one for throwing out/recycling, one for donating/selling and one for keeping. For the things you want to keep, I recommend storing them neatly in a drawers and cupboards and any objects that you love or photos that promote happy memories to display on open shelves. This way, when you walk into a room, it’ll bring an instant sense of joy.

2. Bring nature indoors
I am a big fan of houseplants and have them dotted all round my home. Just one plant can instantly transform your living space and make you feel better. Plants oxygenate the air and help mop up radiation and chemicals so are good for our health. The plants with the best air purifying properties are peace lilies, Kentia palm, English ivy, snake plants and aloe vera. But any plants will do – head to your local garden centre and simply choose ones that you like the look of! I also love buying fresh herbs and keeping them on my kitchen bench – they look and smell great plus you can sprinkle them on your meals for added nutrition and flavour.

3. Create a calming space
Make a little cosy pocket in your home that you can go to whenever you want to relax. Soft textures are great for this. I love adding throws, sheepskins and cushions to really soften a space and make it comfortable. It is in these spaces I love to light a candle, read a book or have a cup of tea. I do this at least once a day and it instantly brings a little zen to my day. Little moments like these help reduce cortisol (our stress hormone) and keep our hormones in balance!

For the full house tour including interview and more photos can be seen on MADE’s website. Below are a few of my favourite photos from the day taken by professional photographer Jo Crawford.



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Be well,
Nikki x